Volleyball girls and coaches

Students at Martin Road Elementary participated in the Volley Power program. Girls in 4th and 5th grade were invited to participate in Volley Power’s after school volleyball, where they were able to practice the sport and compete against other schools. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the girls were taught by professional coaches and received free volleyball supplies like shirts, knee-pads and, of course, their own volleyball.

On Dec. 7, the Martin Road students traveled to UB’s Alumni Arena to compete against two other schools also participating in Volley Power. Parents and families were invited to come watch their children play at the event, leading to a fantastic turnout for the student athletes. Principal Julie Andreozzi and teachers Heidi Steckstor, Bruce Axelson and Taylor Kaznowksi also played an important role in helping the girls throughout the program as chaperones and coaches.