Busy Beavers beautify courtyard

Fifth Graders Beautify Courtyard 

Time in the garden allows children the opportunity for team building and promotes communication skills.  Mrs. Kwiatkowski’s 5th grade students were given that opportunity this week with help from their friends from Busy Beaver Lawn and Garden (formerly known as Zittel’s Country Market).  Working with Busy Beaver team members, Rachel and Lara, the students worked together to weed the flowerboxes in the small courtyard at Martin Road Elementary School.  Students then planted an assortment of lilies and marigolds, learning how to properly dig and space flowers apart in the flowerbeds.  New mulch was added to finish off the space.  The students not only had lessons in science and nature, but also developed a positive attitude towards hard work as these young boys and girls took great pride with their finished project.  Mrs. Kwiatkowski and her students sincerely thank Busy Beaver Lawn and Garden owner, Elizabeth Bonadonna, and team members, Rachel and Lara, for volunteering their time and materials for this worthwhile project.