Voting and veterans lead to virtual adventures

Voting and veterans lead to virtual adventures
Posted on 12/04/2020
Veterans video artworkThe excitement of waiting in a long line of people to cast a vote for the 2020 Presidential election heightened with each step. We approached the table and received our ballot to cast our vote. Our hearts swelled with appreciation, for each footstone we uncovered at Holy Cross Cemetery and with every banner we admired, as we drove through the beautiful city of Lackawanna. For students in Mrs. McDonald’s and Mrs. Kwiatkowski’s fifth-grade remote learning classes at Martin Road Elementary School, it’s all in a day’s VIRTUAL field trip!

The fifth graders’ first virtual adventure began with voting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Mrs. McDonald set the stage for this virtual field trip during Social Studies class covering the United States Constitution. Students participated in an interactive read aloud of the picture book, "Joey: The Story of Joe Biden", during ELA class. This picture book gave the students the opportunity to learn about Joe Biden’s childhood. They engaged in several valuable discussions comparing Joe Biden and Donald Trump. When the big day arrived, the students virtually waited in line with both teachers and participated in the voting process, including viewing a ballot and observing how the ballot is submitted and counted.

To learn more about the veterans and their service to our country as evidenced in their own community, the students virtually visited several sites within the city. Their first stop was Veterans Stadium on South Park Avenue. The students viewed the memorial at Veterans Stadium, where they pointed out the names of relatives and school district employees who served in the armed forces. The next stop was Holy Cross Cemetery. Footstones and markers of veterans were discovered along with awarded medals of honor. Next, they paused and admired multiple banners of local hometown heroes. It was an interactive experience as students researched the various battles and designations noted on the banners throughout the city. On the return trip, they passed through the u-drive of the Lackawanna High School, where there is a monument dedicated to the men and women of the city who served in World War II. To commemorate this field trip, students submitted Veterans Day artwork and writing, and with the help of Mrs. Kwiatkowski, created a video highlighting their work. You may view this video here.

Both students and teachers valued these experiences and plan to continue with additional virtual adventures in the months ahead!

Veterans video artwork
Artwork by Noah May.
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