Home and away – 5th graders take virtual field trips

Home and away – 5th graders take virtual field trips
Posted on 04/16/2021
""The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is a great tropical escape. These gardens are a gathering place to enjoy the natural world. The walking tour, narrated by virtually awesome teachers Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Kwiatkowski of Martin Road Elementary School, consisted of indoor greenhouses and living exhibitions. Students were able to enjoy the amazing flowers and plants growing in all seasons.

"The Botanical Gardens allows the visitors to see and learn about plants. On our virtual field trip, we were able to learn the name of plants, where the plants originated from, and what conditions the plants needed to grow," said Muhammad Bah.

The Botanical Gardens is an example of an historic living museum.

Moving away from beautiful Lackawanna, our students traveled far across the United States on a virtual road trip. This virtual experience was led by the team from our local Microsoft Store. Students enjoyed exploring beautiful national parks and monuments along the way. The road trip consisted of stops at the Grand Canyon, Jewel Cave National Monument, Everglades National Park, Mount Rainier Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. As the students traveled, they were tasked to calculate the distance and travel time between each location. At the conclusion of their virtual experience, students were challenged to create a virtual scrapbook of their travels using PowerPoint. The student-created presentations included photos and interesting facts of each destination.

The students thoroughly enjoyed these valuable, interactive experiences and hopefully learned along the way to always take the scenic route, because you never know what adventures you will find.

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